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Join Mari Smith and myself for this content rich interview where she gets to spill the beans about Facebook, Twitter and Online Marketing and how she built her business empire.

In this podcast, you get to learn lots of neat tips & tricks that Mari applies in her own business, not just some information found on the internet. This is the beauty of this podcast – Mari is uncensored, raw and uncut. I hope you enjoy!

Facebook Marketing Tips:

  • How she launches programs on her free webinars.
  • How to use Facebook hashtags and the future of hashtags on Facebook.
  • Her three-part formula for creating content to engage.
  • How having a terrific community manager for content creation and then engagement is very important.
  • Every post has a date/time stamp – how to take that URL and shorten it with bit.ly and drive people from twitter to the conversation on Facebook.

Twitter Marketing Tips:

  • How to get more Twitter followers.
  • How to pre-choose people that have the propensity to follow you back.
  • Manageflitter.com – search for geographical locations.
  • How to only follow people who follow you.
  • What the minimum time is necessary to work on Twitter.
  • What Mari’ favorite twitter app is and why. (tweetbot)
  • How responding to a random twitter comment with your site link may or may not be a good idea.
  • How it’s nice to just follow people back if they have followed you.
  • How you can tweet 6-8 tweets per day.
  • How you can use other people’ comments and with hashtags.

General Social Media / Marketing:

  • How to create tips & quotes and create content for the next week or two.
  • How to get your content out to as many people as possible.
  • How to plan well in advance for a product or a piece of content.
  • How to build social equity and the law of reciprocity.
  • How its best to work with two or three social media profiles and for the rest have some content and engagement.

Links discussed on the show:

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Are you on Social media? What tip did you learn and will apply in your own social media efforts today?