I have to admit, the drop-ship business model is very lucrative, profitable and hassle free! Whats not to love? I mean you get customers to your web site, sell them products and never touch a single piece of merchandise. Then the company who owns the merchandise does the shipping and you collect the money! Seriously? Yep!

When I started my drop-shipping online business back in 2001, I followed the exact same method I describe on my podcast. I really don’t think anything has changed since then but as a matter of fact, things have gotten a lot simpler and cookie cutter (which is NOT a bad thing at all!).

Links Discussed on The Podcast

And finally – a few weeks ago,  I wrote a long article about drop shipping which is pretty comprehensive and would surely compliment this blog post so be sure to check it out.

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This has been a long road and I’ve come a long way and its great to be able to write about it and tell you how happy I am with the results! Anyway, I’ll stop here and let you listen to the rest on the podcast. Enjoy!

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