Today, I am interviewing Mari Smith. In this Mari Smith Interview, you will learn:

Mari Smith is one of the world’s leading social media strategists and widely recognized as THE top Facebook marketing expert in the world! Fast company describes Mari as, “A veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing wiz and the pied piper of the online world.”

Forbes recently named Mari as one of the top ten social media influencers and Dun & Bradstreet named Mari one of the top ten most influential business people on Twitter. Well, if all this wasn’t enough, Mari frequently shares the stage with notable leaders and celebrities such as: Sir Richard Branson, The Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, Guy Kawasaki and Paula Abdul.

Born in Canada to Scottish parents and spent most of her childhood in a tiny little Quaker community in British Columbia. Later on in life, she lived in Scotland. After twenty years, she wanted to come to the United States where she wanted to live the American dream and sought the help of a sponsor, now long time friend who she is still in contact with.

Over the years, she got into coaching and also became a top online marketing consultant where she created her own information products and in 2007, Facebook landed on her lap. After being on a beta team for an App company, she fell in love with Facebook and within a few weeks she kept talking about Facebook to everyone she know.

Learn from Mari Smith’ Personal Story:

  • Maris woe-to-win story and how she started from humble beginnings
  • Mari joined Toastmasters and learning Annex to socialize and network.
  • How Mari bartered her way first job.
  • How your network equals to your net worth.
  • How she grew her following from the back of an RV back when she first started.
  • How she shares personal information on the Internet but very strategically.
  • How she got coaching from a billionaire but the vision never resonated with her.

Whats covered in Facebook Marketing:

  • How delegating content management saved her two hours per day.
  • What types of posts to create for your status updates.
  • How Mari likes up and coming blogs and references them.
  • How Mari chooses her topics for Facebook / Twitter.
  • Why she puts out an inspirational / motivational quote at 5am.
  • How Mari has moderators to respond to her posts.
  • The difference between followers and fans.
  • How to have three unique opportunities to be found on the news feed.
  • How she loves organic / relationship marketing (book)

Next week on the podcast, we a LOT more about Facebook and Twitter as well as online marketing where Mari Smith really goes in depth and talks about the ins and outs of marketing through Facebook and Twitter. This is something you can’t afford to miss!

Be sure to tune into next week’ Mari Smith interview to check out what she has to say!

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  • Mercury2269: Found this podcast through Entrepreneur On Fire and it is awesome. I’ve listened to the 2nd podcast and it was very motivational. I’ve let my wife listen to it as well and she got very motivated also. Thanks William!

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