When Hal was twenty years old, he bought a brand new Ford Mustang. Being only 20 years old, he was on top of the world. Three weeks later, after giving a motivational speech to fellow coworkers at his company after driving home, this guy was going the wrong way hit his car head on. Needless to say, Hal broke 11 bones and was dead for 6 minutes without a heartbeat. The doctors thought he would never walk again.

This is “Yo Pal” Hal Elrod’ journey into some might call “the impossible” where he quickly recovers and achieves greatness in his life with a miraculous recovery.

Lessons learned in this podcast:

  • How he quickly got over his accident and what his motivation was. How he smiled, joked and laughed his way to recovery.
  • Was he sad, angry and depressed after the accident? How Hal lives by the 5-minute rule.
  • How Hal got over his adversity and his challenges. How you can’t change something in your life and accept and focus on what you can’t change.
  • How Hal Elrod got freedom from emotional pain.
  • How everything happens for a reason and how you don’t need to be a victim for the rest of your life.
  • How 8 years after the accident, he lost his business, got into $50,000 in credit card debt and had thoughts of suicide. The lesson — how we grow when we fall and the perfect opportunity to write a book.
  • How your level of success will seldom surpass your level of personal development. –Jim Rohn (had epiphany)
  • How Hal got over his depression and within two months, multiplied his income.
  • How to program your mind to adapt to less sleep and be more productive. (mind/body connection)
  • How a great morning starts the night before.
  • How he got discouraged with his first book for 6 entire years. Then, how he overcame that and finished it in 4 months through accountability.
  • How habits are a skill and how to identify which ones are the bad habits.
  • How to start the day on your own terms, even if you feel like crap.
  • How Hal built his personal brand and got instant credibility.
  • How he reached out to the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series and got featured in it.
  • How Hal Elrod become a speaker and how it all started.
  • How to become an expert using your woe-to-win story.
  • How to have a great morning routine.

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5-Star Reviews this week:

  • Andrew Zyga: Listening to episodes #2 and 3 are very valuable. The quality of the content is something that would be provided at some fancy speaking engagement or Standard Business University startup. Great Job William!

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