Last weekend, my girlfriend and I went to Unleash The Power Within and saw Tony Robbins live and wow, what an experience!

The last time I went to UPW was in Orlando sometime in 2009 I believe — since then, the program has changed a whole lot and I got so much out of it. My experience at UPW was profound and completely life changing.

In this podcast, I will talk to you about my experience as well as the video below which Tony has you going through what he calls “The Dickens Process”. Enjoy!

The Six basic Human Needs Explained:

  1. Certainty: avoid pain and gain pleasure or comfort. Some strive to control all aspects of their lives while others get it by giving up all control and adopting a philosophy of faith & religion.
  2. Variety: This is why we love roller coasters. Variety in our lives provide a need for the unknown, change and new stimuli.
  3. Significance: is usually a belief that ones life has meaning or importance. Some people with this human need will go to great lengths and compete with others or by destroying or tearing those around them. If you want to take a closer look at people who put significance at the top of the list, check out some of hollywoods most colorful lifestyle, looks, language and behavior and you’ll see what I mean.
  4. Connection: A strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something
  5. Growth: The need to continuously grow and an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding
  6. Contribution: A sense of service and focus on helping others through giving and support.

Why growth is important:

  • I know I’ve beaten this subject over the head many times but the reason why my business failed is because I stopped growing
  • If you stop growing, you start dying — everything in the universe is either expanding or contracting, there is no alternative.
  • Growth is about mastering and understanding yourself.
  • When we continuously grow, we don’t grow just for our own selves, we grow for others
  • Learning just for ourselves is foolish and immature but learning for others is the first step to contribution.

How to grow as an individual:

  • Attend seminars on a regular basis
  • Find meetups and eventbrite conferences and networking opportunities
  • Meet as many like-minded people as you can, preferably 5-10 years ahead of where you want to be both personally and professionally.
  • Read as much as you can, take a speed reading class if you have to.
  • Listen to audio books and podcasts as often as you can.
  • Create structure, routine and order – not to the point of rigidity but to a level where you have control over your life so that when 10 years go by you’re not regretting what you didn’t do -vs- what you could have done.

Why contribution is important:

  • Just as you can’t survive without others contributing in some way to your welfare, you will live an unfulfilled life not contributing to others. As an example, no baby can grow up on its own, you can’t be spiritually fulfilled unless you’re contributing to others as well.
  • As an example — when I got my Mom’s house, she always insists I take food home and she is still till this day, tries to baby me — why? #1 because she is a Mother but more importantly, she wants to contribute.
  • The older you become, the more you will realize that contribution to others is very important.
  • In fact, out of the 6-basic human needs, I believe this one is probably the most important.

How to Contribute To Something Bigger Than Yourself:

  • There are two types of growth: “personal and spiritual” – when you put contribution at the top of your 6 basic human needs, you have grown spiritually.
  • Create a business centered around giving and contribution. So many are doing it such as non-profits, web sites around accumulating niche sites with vast amounts of knowledge delivered via podcasts, written articles, videos, etc.
  • Mentor someone in need – you may not be giving yourself enough credit for what you know but you know a lot.
  • Give to charity — things like clothing and food work really well.
  • Your biggest asset is your time, if you offer it to someone else, that may be your biggest contribution.
  • Take better care of your family, call friends you haven’t seen in weeks or months and invite them to dinner and show them the absolute best time.

To tie all of this together, i strongly believe that personal growth and contribution is a great combination to have. All human beings are consistently seeking to meet the 6 basic human needs but we all tend to value two more than the rest as I learned from this weekend.

For example: Someone who values certainty will live a radically different life than someone who values uncertainty/variety.

Similarly, someone who focuses on significance will interact with others very differently than someone who’s number one need is for connection/love. When you know which needs you value the most, you can better understand the choices you make, as well as your emotional patters.

Which two human needs are your most dominant need and why? I would love to carry this conversation over below — please write what your 2 most primal needs are and lets chat. Shall we?

5-Star Reviews This week

  • Marcus Brooks: I love this podcast show by Mr. Shaker, the show has helped me to think about the life I want. My dream is to use my gifts to enrich peoples lives and have a freedom business. I’m going to keep listening to the Endless Possibilities show and one day I will get there!

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