The world needs more experts and authority figures. Today, marketing is more word of mouth than anything else. Gone are the fast days of SEO and link building. Today, it is all about trust and value. If you’re not an expert in your field, you may not become as successful as you want to become.

Regardless if you’re a dentist or a computer technician, becoming an expert in your field and demonstrating your strengths through transparency by entertaining and educating your followers is the only real way to success.

In podcast #18, I will teach you how to make millions and market yourself as an expert in your field.

Part 1: Being an expert as a business model

  • Why the world needs more experts: No one cares what you think if you aren’t an expert. Search engines are now about quality content and higher quality content always wins. The new business model is value.
  • Why being an expert is important: People trust experts and your legacy will be set in stone as you will be proud of what you do.
  • The benefits of being an expert: People will buy from you and the media will want to interview you. Other experts will want to collaborate with you. Growing a social media following will become easier as well.
  • Examples of Experts in their fields: Brendon Burchard

Part 2: How to demonstrate your expertise

  • Bleed, Entertain and Educate – in that order. (James Altucher example)
  • Bleed: What is your story? What pains and struggles have you gone through?
  • Entertain: Your stories must be interesting enough to engage your tribe. You must speak from the heart and to individuals not to a group or community. You must be raw and uncut.
  • Educate: Your woe-to-win story must inspire. What solutions to your own problems can you share to inspire and teach others? How can you help others avoid pain & struggles you went through?

Part 3: How to monetize on your expertise

  • Create a success mindset with deliberate practice: Listen to podcast #2 — how to become successful at anything you attempt. Pain & experience is a great teacher. You must learn in order to teach.
  • Create your home-base:  Get a hosting plan and build a WordPress web site. Create a Facebook and twitter account as the basics
  • Market like crazy:  Fast forward your marketing efforts using the 200 outreach program (below). Every piece of content you create should be marketed. Sign up for hootsuite or buffer.
  • Divide your time equally:  ⅓ of your time should be delegating tasks to your VA. ⅓ of your time should be spent on creating content. ⅓ of your time should be spent on marketing.
  • Prepare for a difficult road ahead:  It may take 6-24 months before you make dime. Building your tribe takes time.

When it looks impossible and you are ready to quit, victory is near!” Tony Robbins


How to use the 200 Outreach Program:

  • Acquire 200 bloggers in the area of your niche with their name and email and web site address.
  • Acquire 200 websites in the area of your niche with their name and email and web site address.
  • Acquire 200 Facebook fan pages in the area of your niche with a way of contacting them.
  • Acquire 200 twitter users that tweet about your niche with a way of contacting them.
  • All bloggers, web sites, fan pages and twitter users should have a minimum of 2000 people following them.

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