To be an Entrepreneur, you must rely on your personality traits, your habits and most importantly, your mindset. While anyone can set out to be a “successful” millionaire Entrepreneur, it is few who rise to the top and make it this big.

In podcast #17 titled “10 Ridiculously Obvious Signs You Should Be An Entrepreneur”, I will discuss with you some personality traits that you may or may not associate with. However, please don’t think that if you don’t associate with any of these personality traits, then you’re forever doomed into becoming an Entrepreneur. A lot of these are skills and can be learned.

1. You hate the status quo:

  • You’re a natural leader, you do not like following the pack.
  • You believe that there is more to life than trading time for money.
  • Most of the time, you always question why people do the things they do – this is good because this means that your dominant personality trait is logic.
  • You take calculated risk and are not afraid of failure. This is the time when others will put you or your ideas down… this is the defining moment if you cave in or go against the grain.

2. You dropped out of college – Examples:

  • Bill Gates – estimated net worth to be 56 billion.
  • Michael Dell – estimated net worth to be 14.6 billion.
  • Mark Zuckerberg – estimated net worth to be 13.5 billion.
  • Steve Jobs – estimated net worth to be 8.3 billion.
  • These were innovators who noticed that there was a market for products and services that were not available at the time. They were visionaries for starting the companies they did.
  • They realized that education is important but more importantly, it is a system that creates good employees, not rich individuals.
  • Jim Rohn said it best “It is best to work for profits, not for wages”
  • The richer you become, the more opportunity you have to help people with your resources. A poor man only has time to give but a rich man can create time with money. He can buy the time of other people.

3. You were always fired from jobs:

  • You challenged management all the time with your opinions when they weren’t appreciated.
  • You always felt underpaid and under-appreciated even when you gave your best.
  • You always felt you could have done a better job if they gave you your own projects but you hated not being the project lead.
  • This is why you always got fired because you:
  • You were opinionated
  • You thought you did a great job but were unappreciated / underpaid.
  • You never felt right about not having your own projects – being the 2nd hand man always made you felt inadequate.

4. You always resisted authority:

  • You have an Alpha personality with a gregarious attitude-
  • You were/are popular in school, work and in social circles.
  • You’re a natural leader influencing people all the time with your opinions and suggestions towards your ideals.
  • You possess charm and charisma about you
  • You’re confident in your abilities
  • You’re dominant in social circles
  • You’re ambitious with everything you attempt
  • Rules don’t apply to you (not breaking the law) You believe in efficiency and you’re going to break the rules if you notice you can get things done faster. As an example, the job you work at, the company policy does not apply to you.

5. You see opportunities everywhere:

  • When I interviewed Robert Greene, I learned a lot about 50 cent. The reason why 50 is as successful as he is, is because he sees opportunity everywhere. He is always thinking about business and money.
  • As an example, you walk into a building and wonder: How much is this building worth?
  • You walk into a store and wonder, how much does this store make daily, monthly or annually?
  • You research other businesses and think you can do the same.

6. You’re a problem solver:

  • You’re the Mr. or Ms. Fix-it type. You love to solve problems and figure out complex problems and situations.
  • You love solving problems and coming up with ideas and therefore you’re a logical thinker.
  • As an example If you have problems in your life and you’re able to pinpoint why you have this problem. Then you set out to ask yourself why and how you can resolve it. This means that you’re a logical thinker because as an entrepreneur, you will have similar problems.
  • A business is a living thing just like the human body and the mind. If you’re able to solve your own problems, you’re able to solve the problems of your business. The pure definition of an Entrepreneur is to be a problem solver.

7. You’re a people person:

  • Not just with any person but with quality people. You easily stay away negative energy vampires or realize that they exist in your life.
  • You feel better when you’re around lots of people and the opposite when you’re mostly alone. You get most of your energy when you work with groups of 4/5 or more.
  • You’re the leader in your group, always the one with the ideas and someone others can just lay back and relax knowing that things will be decided for them, as a group.

8. You may have sold stuff as a kid:

  • Did you have your own lemonade stand?
  • Did you sell cookies?
  • Most importantly, did you sell the most out of your entire class OR at least come in the top 10 of your class?
  • Watch “Canes Arcade” above

9. You always think in terms of ROI:

  • Everything that you do, you think of it as a return on investment.
  • You believe that your time is worth more than money so you work effectively to make sure its not wasted.
  • If you buy a piece of furniture or an electronic device such as a TV or a computer, you’re always thinking ahead and asking yourself “how long will this be useful to me or how long will this remain current?”

10. You’re unrealistic and determined:

  • The right brothers would never have been able to invent the plane if they were realistic
  • Thomas Edison would not have been able to create the lightbulb if he were realistic
  • Entrepreneurs are not realistic, they are innovators and inventors. They bring the impossible to life and more importantly, they make real, tangible, profitable things with their imagination.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these traits – while they are all ingredients that make up a solid entrepreneur who he or she is, not all of it is required – a lot of it is developed over time.

And finally, I’ll leave you with one thought:

“As entrepreneurs “we take nothing and we make it something, something tangible, profitable. We serve, we employ and we take the most risks. Our laboratories consist of dreams, ambition, drive, motivation, clear thought, hope, optimism and a PLAN. We’re entrepreneurs and alchemists and we rule the free world.” -William Shaker

Never forget that. Good luck to you on your journey!

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