It is the year 2013 and you and I have more power than Kings and Queens of the past. Today, we have incredible leverage to be whoever we want to be, become the type of person we want to become or start the business we always wanted to start. However, a lot of people are not taking action. Why?

The Internet: Vast Resources and Abundance.

Around the world, over a BILLION people are connected via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to mention a few. While most of these people are connected to exchange ideas, thoughts and rant about todays topics, there are others who’re using it to their financial advantage.

Whats so special about the Internet and/or the social networks besides goofing around and wasting time? Well, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5-10 years – listen up! YOU and I have more power today to spread an idea, start a business and make millions of dollars via the Internet in the shortest amount of time possible! Back in the days when I grew up, we had the Encyclopedia Britannica – remember that? Today, the entire landscape has changed and the way we do business has evolved as a result. Now, you can go on the Internet and research and gather as much information about a particular topic you want and sell it!  Doesn’t that make you feel powerful just knowing that?

Books and Study Material

I remember when I first read Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 2001 – those were the wonder years! As a matter of fact, the personal development industry took off in the late 1990’s and well into the early 2000’s. I feel I got started at just the right time and guess what? Today is just the right time for you, too!

All around the United States, there are countless seminars, online courses from places like as well as tons of webinars for you to learn from and become inspired by. An example of that would be Brendan Burchard’ expert academy where he teaches you to use whatever you know to position yourself as an expert in your field. Of course, it won’t be easy but what have you ever done that was worth doing that was easy at first?

Besides that, there are thousands of books on Entrepreneurship, business and finance. I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will come… and boy, there are LOTS of teachers out there willing to teach you what they know. One of them is me!

Analysis = Paralysis

So now you know that anything you want to be or accomplish can be found on the internet, through books and seminars but the problem is that too much analysis often leads to paralyses! Yes, it is counter-intuitive to go to seminars, read books and do tons of research on the Internet but too much of it is not good either. Let me explain.

A lot of people subscribe to the “Ready, Fire, Aim” mentality. This is Ok except our time is limited on this planet. Some of us go to school for 20-30 years but when we finally finish, we have all of this knowledge and do not know what to do with it. Your college education won’t stretch it too far these days. Sorry to break it to you.

As a result, those who want to become Entrepreneurs and/or self-employed still subscribe to an academic mentality which is “study, study, study day and night to learn everything”, therefore, ACTION comes last! They MUST attend every seminar, read every book and hoard as much information and take as many notes as possible to become READY in order to fire.

However, to avoid having the analysis leads to paralyses syndrome, we must adopt the “Fire, Read, Aim” mentality instead. Regardless of starting a new career or becoming an Entrepreneur for the first time — you should not be reading more than 2-3 books, attending more than 1-2 seminars and spending more than a months studying before you first FIRE. Learn as you go but do not get into the habit of learning as much as you can before you begin.

The key to success is “Action” first, and learn only when you come across a hurtle and don’t know how about the next step.

My Teachers: Mr. Pain and Ms. Experience.

Although my family has had an Entrepreneurial background, In the United States, we grew up humble and money was tight.  Therefore, I had no one to learn from. Instead, I self-taught everything I know about business and becoming an Entrepreneur. As you may already know my story, I never went to college but two of my best teachers in life are Mr. Pain and Ms. Experience.

Mr. Pain has repeatedly thrown me into the fire pit and every time he has thrown me in there, I have walked out much stronger. Although the pain, uncertainty and discomfort were temporary, out of the ashes, I emerged wiser and stronger than ever before.

Ms. Experience has taught me that no matter how much you know, how much education yo have gotten in the past, it really doesn’t matter unless you take action. Inaction breeds insecurity and doubt and action often leads to confidence and progress.

You must begin today, no matter what. That new shiny object that may provide the illusion of more clarity or “how-to” knowledge may benefit you but there is no better benefit than “pain and experience”.

Finally, anything you try in the beginning, at least try doing it poorly. If you’re “a perfectionist” then I invite you to do things my way for a moment and test the results for yourself. Make some mistakes, feel some pain, gain your experience and come out the other end more confident and secure knowing that you gave it your all. After you have done a poor job (at least, in the beginning), go back and fix it later.