Success is a formula and/or a science. Success is rarely a mistake. I like to think of success as a series of small little actions that are consistently performed well and over a long period of time. While there are many elements to success and successful people, this is probably the most important aspect.

The Slight EdgeEveryone wants success and happiness but not everyone knows the formula. Success is not only about money as most people assume but a lot of other things as well. To be truly successful, one must achieve greatness in all walks of life: relationships, personal finance, career and a thoroughly planned future. While this list is not exhaustive, it is certainly the most important.

Traits of a successful individual:

  • They are current with world affairs and their surroundings.
  • They easily adapt, while unsuccessful people are stuck because of a fear of change.
  • They are mentally focused and don’t get distracted very easily.
  • They are goal oriented and nothing is left to chance.
  • They are avid readers. The average CEO reads 4-6 books a month!
  • The top CEOs are early risers often waking up at ridiculous hours.
  • They eat healthy and exercise regularly.
  • They don’t believe in failure.
  • They are stubborn, in the face of adversity.
  • They believe in miracles and often act “as if.”
  • They have good character and virtues – any fool can become successful overnight but only an honorable man or woman who can sustain success over a long period of time.
  • They travel often because they have learned through wisdom that new thoughts enter the mind outside of places they are familiar with.
  • They journal almost every day.
  • They remove themselves from gossip or energy vampires.
  • They are positive and enthusiastic about life.
  • They realize that success is inevitable if they continue to persist. After all, persistence overcomes resistance.
  • Some even create vision boards that display pictures. Then they use their imagination to picture themselves living the life they created through the vision board. This is why Einstein was quoted in saying “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

I can go on and on but for now, you get the idea. Now let me take you back to what I was referring to at the beginning of this post — A few weeks before the New Year, I was reading a book called “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. Jeff writes “Why is it that some people make dream after dream come true, while others just continue dreaming and spend their lives building dreams for someone else? One simple reason, those that are “successful” have found their SLIGHT EDGE!”

How do you eat an elephant? One bite a time! In other words, slow and steady wins the race. What is the slight edge? Well, you can create the life you want but not all at once. By utilizing the slight edge principles and the secret of time, little things compounded over a period of time do make a difference. From cyclists to triathlons, they all believe in this philosophy. It is rare that the individual, who starts running hard and runs furiously all the way towards the finish line. In life and success, this is the case as well.

This is why small little things (that are productive) and are done over a long period of time will produce great results through the law of compounding.

I hope you enjoyed my post about “How to be Successful at Anything You Attempt.” Please read the book by Jeff Olson, its one of those books you can’t live without reading! Please comment below and let me know if this article helped you realize a few things. If you have any suggestions or additions to this article, I would love to read your ideas as well.