As humans, we have the ability to think and this thought process opens up new doors for us every day. For example, everything you have in your home was once a thought in your mind and out of your mind, out came in its manifested form, the realization of your furniture, books and clothing just to name a few things. This is true in our daily activities as well as our business pursuits.

What does it mean to fully “concentrate?” The great Napoleon Hill in his book “The 17 Laws Of success” defines concentration as “to focus your attention upon one subject at a time until you have found a way to master that subject and have put that knowledge into operation.” He then gives you techniques on how to insure that your goal is concentrated on until you have completed that goal.

Well, since you don’t have the time to read a complicated 1100 page book that was written in 1927 in hard to understand English, I will give you some tips to maximize productivity and become fully concentrated on your goals, thats if you have goals but in case you don’t, I would suggest listening to my podcast on how to set goals.

10 Tips On How To Have More Concentration:

  1. Whatever we think about most of the time, that is what we receive more of. Consider meditating on whatever it is you desire. Do this a few times per day.
  2. Live more in the moment. This may sound silly but tie a rubber band around your wrist and as soon as your mind drifts, give it a gentle snap to bring yourself back in the moment. This, in turn, helps create a habit so that your mind doesn’t drift.
  3. Set time blocks for your projects. For example, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you will work on writing your book and Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to marketing the book.
  4. Speaking of time blocks, get into the habit of giving yourself a certain amount of time per task. When we’re faced with a tight deadline, you will feel under pressure to get done sooner.
  5. Turn off the Internet, literally! If you’re on WiFi, simply disable the connection until you’re done with your task.
  6. Sometimes you may be in a funk – I get this way and it really is draining. The act of just getting up, stretching for about 3-5 minutes while walking around in your office does wonders.
  7. Take a 15-minute walk outside and try to be in the moment with your surroundings. The break will give your mind and body energy to get back to work when you return.
  8. Keep reminding yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Urgency has helped me accomplish a lot of difficult, time consuming tasks I would have never to get done if I didn’t remind myself what was the reason for doing it in the first place.
  9. Every minute, hour and day is wasted if you don’t concentrate on your tasks – consider that we’re here for a limited time only. Perhaps this is what you need to hear.
  10. Become organized and remove clutter from your space. The more clutter you have in your home or your office, the more clutter you have in your mind. Consider doing some spring cleaning, even if its not spring and you will notice that you will be able to focus on a deeper level when your house is in order.

What day-to-day activity distracts you the most and why?