Out of millions of sperm cells, you were the one that was fertilized and out of millions of years of evolution, you’re on this planet – guess what? You’re a winner in my book. So, now that you know you were BORN a winner, let me teach a few things so that you can continue your winning streak.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” -Zig Ziglar

Lets dissect the quote above for a second. Since everyone is already born a winner, but in order to continue being a winner in life, you can’t just live passively expecting to be successful in life but you must plan, prepare and EXPECT to win. Lets go over these one-by-one, shall we?

10 Ways to Plan To Win: Define your current reality

If you don’t plan, you plan to lose! A lot of people go through great lengths to plan their business but they don’t put a quarter of that time into planning their life. Life is pretty complicated and there are close to 8 billion people on this earth. The fact that you’re born a winner is just not enough because like you, 8 billion other people are born winners as well – what makes you so special? Here are some steps to plan your life so that you’re no longer just passively living life.

  1. Do a self assessment – where are you now?
  2. Do a self assessment – if you continue at this course, where will you end up?
  3. Figure out your life purpose
  4. Create goals – goals help you figure out where you’re now and guide where you will eventually end up.
  5. Gather appropriate resources – is your education up to date? Are you reading books and meeting enough people who you want to be like?
  6. Are you healthy? While a small percentage is born unhealthy, the majority of us are born healthy but become unhealthy as a result of neglect or personal negligence. What will you do to regain your health or become healthier?
  7. Influence: We’re all being influenced in some way or another by our peers or family members. Is this influence positive or negative?
  8. Determine your desire: What do you have now and what do you want to have in the future out of life?
  9. Do you have a timeframe? If you don’t, then you don’t have urgency. The result of non-urgency is comfort and comfort often invites mediocrity.
  10. Are you mentally, emotionally and physically healthy?

10 Ways to Prepare To Win: Planning and Preparation is 50% of the battle

Stephen King said “talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” So once agin — yes, you’re born a winner and you’re talented with special gifts but how hard and how productive are you towards your goals and dreams? Here are ten ways to prepare to win.

  1. You may be a talented artist, writer or singer but are you recognizing your genius and going after it?
  2. You have just as many weaknesses as you do strengths – what have you done to fix your weaknesses and leverage your strengths?
  3. Are you an effective person or do you get easily distracted with the next shiny object?
  4. Have you identified all of your habits? The good and the bad?
  5. Are you aligning yourself with the right team? Winners spend time with other winners – after all, birds of a feather, flock together!
  6. Whatever your idea of winning is, have you crafted your skills enough? There is planning, preparation and talent but without improving your skills, you will always miss that shot, even if you take it 100 times. Improving your skills requires self awareness and the ability to self correct and get the support you need.
  7. Are you committing to life? If you have not committed, writing your desires on a piece of paper and reading it daily is a commitment. Sharing it with someone you trust is another step towards giving it more power.
  8. Are you living (winning) just for yourself or for others? Read for others so you can teach others. Give to yourself so you have enough to give more to others. Contribution is a necessary ingredient to life and success.
  9. Are you easily satisfied with life or are you continuing to up your standards – in every part of your life? Mediocrity is settling for what you have. Winning is always expecting more. This is not not being greedy but instead, striving to become the best.
  10. How fast do you get up when you fall? Life is going to always knock you down but winners learn to get up, shake it off and recover quickly. Failure is inevitable but recovery is a mindset.

10 Ways to Expect To Win: Your mindset is the other 50% of winning

You have talent and skill but your mindset is set for failure – what good is that? In order to be a winner of life, you need to leverage your talents and develop a mindset for winning. Wether you think you can or can’t, you’re right! Therefore, your mindset is the other 50% of winning and without a good mindset, you’re average, just like everyone else.

  1. Believe in yourself – develop confidence as your #1 priority.
  2. How you think about yourself and your abilities determines your faith. Develop a can-do attitude!
  3. Knowing that you can do is more important than knowing what you can do. As long as you have the “can-do” psychology, the “doing it process” is arbitrary.
  4. Believing that failure is a necessary ingredient, sometimes repeatedly is a must for every successful person. Expect the best but accept the worse.
  5. Speaking of failure – every week, you need to make a list of at least one thing you failed at. Why? Because that means you’re doing and living life. Those at the top failed a lot more than they have won.
  6. The world is not what it used to be but each one of us lives in our economy or our own bubble. Your economy is your mindset. If you wake up today and say to yourself that your options are lesser than X amount of years ago, you’re right. But if you wake up and say, life is full of abundance and I will win at everything I do, than you’re also right.
  7. Release the pain by journaling. When we write what we fear or what brings pain in our lives, we also let go of the negative emotions associated with the fear & pain. Next, write what brings you joy which will eventually take the place of the negative.
  8. Do something that you fear – you mind usually goes into the fight or flight mode when doing something you fear. Once you do something you fear and live through it, the outcome is increased confidence.
  9. Develop the habit of asking for help from your friends, family or internet support groups. No man or woman can do it all by themselves. We’re all a collective force.
  10. Be grateful every day for at least one thing. Even if you didn’t do all of the 29 other things I have outlined, being grateful by itself is enough to bring you success.