Its a sad thing but on average, people know more about pop stars such as Britney Spears and Justin Bieber than they do about themselves. What would happen if we all dedicated a single day to demanding some answers from ourselves? The result would be many new insights on your likes, dislikes, the choices you make, the habits you create and/or want to change and hundreds of other combinations. Finally, what to do with all of this new information? In “Twenty Insightful Questions To Ask Yourself”, I will help you through this process so that you bring more clarity to your life.


Twenty Insightful Questions To Ask Yourself:

  1. How will I be remembered?
  2. What are my bad habits?
  3. What am I really passionate about?
  4. How much debt do I have?
  5. Do I have goals in life and if not, why?
  6. What are my strengths?
  7. What are my weaknesses?
  8. What do I love doing?
  9. What are my hobbies?
  10. Where do I see myself in 5-10 years from now?
  11. What are 3-5 things that I am doing thats preventing success in my life?
  12. What is preventing me from becoming happier?
  13. How many times per week am I grateful for what I have?
  14. Am I reading and learning something new often?
  15. Am I outdoors enough and do I get enough sun?
  16. Do I eat healthy?
  17. Do I get enough physical exercise?
  18. Do I watch a lot of TV and waste time participating in activities that take me away from success? (4 hours per day = 13 years of your life!)
  19. Do I have at least 6 months of income to live on if I lose my job today?
  20. How am I being influenced by my friends and/or piers? (You’re the average of five of your closest friends.)

Where Is the Best Place to Do this and How should I do it?

1. I would advice against staying at home if your home is busy and loud.
2. Instead, go visit a coffee shop and listen to some Bach on Pandora. Carry with you a pen and a notepad and reserve a single page for each question.
3. When writing your answers, make bullet points and after the first bullet point, circle another one below it because this will force you to think until you find more answers.
4. Continue to circle more bullet points into your notepad until you have exhausted the question and you can’t find anymore answers.

Twenty questions is a lot to ask yourself in a single day. I would give this process a few days. However, don’t take more than a week. Once you’ve compiled this list, you will have a lot more insight about yourself than you have ever imagined. You will be able to find what you love, hate, places you want to visit, see, the habits you need to create to achieve success and so on.

My advice after you have gathered all of this data is to start putting it to use. Learning is a life-long endeavor. Look to leverage all of your talents and fix all of your weaknesses by reading books, attending workshops (online and/or in-person) and start setting goals on becoming the person you want to become.

Lastly – there is nothing worse than having regrets. Don’t live another day regretting what you could have done. Own life and start making the necesary changes today!

Do you have any other questions to add to my list? If so, I’d love to read your comments and suggestions.