Everything that man can ever want or need is above his or her comfort level. As an example, comfort is brought on by fear and fear is brought on by a lack of clarity. In how “How Comfort Leads to Mediocrity”, I will explain how we become comfortable in our environment and begin to experience mediocrity using the slow boil method.


I have a friend who is entering his 30th birthday soon and he lives at home with his parents. However, he makes a very good living. His situation is quite unique actually because it is usually the person without a job living in his or her parents basement but not for my friend. He is making loads of money working in NYC but he lives a mediocre life at home. He has no car, not a place of his own or even a girlfriend. Yet, he is only interested in dating the most beautiful woman in NYC with no luck. His criteria – “Blond hair, blue eyes, a model physique and a great personality.”

However, he has the slightest clue that Woman of this calibre require a man who is not only independent but also exemplifies high social status. The Woman in his criteria have dozens of Men chasing after them on a daily basis – why should they settle for someone living a mediocre life at home with parents who feed him 3 meals a day and do his laundry on the weekends?

The problem with my friend and I assume society as a whole is that we fear the unknown. The “what if” paradigm is always in the back of our minds. My friend is afraid of change like everyone else and so he lives a comfortable life at home with no worries. However, the longer he is dependent on the comfort of others, the harder it will be for him to become functional in the real world.

The same can be said for people who have a job they hate. Why do something you hate or something that does not resonate in a positive way for you? Its because you’re comfortable. You get a comfortable salary and it pays your bills. You have your basic needs met and you become content and thats when mediocrity sets in for you. You then become a robot and are herded on a daily basis like sheep. You’re obedient and do not question anymore and just follow orders.

Everyone has the ability to make choices and everyone has the ability to change, evolve and think. The problem is, not everyone thinks it is possible for them to lead a better life. Ever hear of the term “birds of a feather, flock together?” — well, most people grow up like their parents and most people are the average number of the people they spend their time with.

6 tips to break free from comfort:

  1. Find people to spend time with who’re 10x more successful than you’re and invite them to lunch. Go to seminars, weekend retreats and spend time with people who are high quality. We become the average number of the people we spend time with.
  2. Play big by thinking big. This world is boundless and if you can imagine it, it is real. Go create, today!
  3. While in this economy it is really dumb to quit your job before having another one, instead, go start that part-time business while having a full-time job. Eventually, that part-time business will replace your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).
  4. If you live at home – go find your own place. Struggle a little bit – Whether success or failure, the satisfaction of knowing your results should be your own. Your parents will want you to live with them forever but you will live a dysfunctional life the longer you stay.
  5. Push yourself and find your edge. When you find your edge, push yourself beyond that edge.
  6. When you find yourself at a place where you’re the most vulnerable or afraid, that is the time you will grow the most. Embrace it and face it head on.

Have you ever faced mediocrity and what have you done to challenge yourself? Please comment below. I respond to all comments received. Thanks for reading!