I know I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time but if you asked me last year around this time if I would be here today, I would probably give you a confused look. As mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. In explaining to you my monetization strategy, I will explain what it is that I will be accomplishing, hopefully with great success but I also realize that there will be some challenges ahead which will require my patience.

Podcasting Equipment

Reinvented – My New Bio

A business veteran with over a decade of Entrepreneurial experience on the World Wide Web — William Shaker has witnessed the Internet from its Infancy and started his businesses in 2001 after he lost his lucrative job as a computer networking instructor. From the years that followed, William has made millions of dollars online but has also endured much challenge, hardship and difficulty which has taught him a great deal of wisdom and knowledgeable along the way.

As a business thought leader, coach, speaker, top blogger, author and podcaster, William hopes to serve millions who can benefit from his wisdom and experiences in the areas of Entrepreneurship, motivation, success and business leadership. To keep up with William, check out his top rated blog and also listen to his highly rated weekly podcast where he shares all of his wisdom and knowledge acquired over the years. His goal is to help you succeed in business and all other areas in life.

The Products and the Monetization Strategy

The Blog: My blog will be my home base and this is the place where my audience gets to know me better and connects with me on a personal level. While the blog is still in beta stages, it will be revamped completely in the next few weeks to months ahead. This is the place where I will post links to my podcasts and other products and services. I may also advertise banner ads once the web site becomes more popular.

The Podcast: The podcast will help me reach my intended audience. With my podcast, I hope to connect with people who want to learn more about Entrepreneurship, motivation, success and business leadership. My podcasts will be delivered weekly via iTunes, Stitcher Radio and the Blackberry Podcast App (three main Podcast platforms). Once my products and services become readily available, my podcasts will enable me to tell my audience more about my products and services. Above all, I have so much to share and I want millions of listeners to learn something new on their way to work and back.

Entrepreneur Academy: This idea is completely beta but I want to create an online academy that will help motivate and help new Entrepreneurs with the psychology of success and teach budding Entrepreneurs on how to become successful in any endeavor. The academy will be a continuity based program with a monthly membership. Through the membership portal, I will be providing webcasts, Q&A Call sessions and I will also provide podcasts delivered specifically to my audience. Through the academy, my members will be able to hire me for 1-on-1 consultations as well as some additional premium add-ons I have to think about. I hope to launch by the 3rd quarter of this year.

Books: This book outline is sure a pain in the butt but maybe I am thinking about it too much. However, I’ve thought a lot about this and I think its best that I embrace change. Whats happening these days is that the book publishing world is moving digital. People no longer want to read huge 300-500 page books but want books that are easily consumable without so much redundant information. The books I publish will be for Kindle/Ipad and the new publishing format called Snippet which has not launched yet. This year, I hope to release at least one book before the 2nd quarter of 2013 and another by the 3rd quarter. My plan is to release about 4 bite sized books per year. Print publishing is dying, its time to embrace change and evolve with it. Give people what they want.

Speaking Gigs: Once people get to know me, I may get asked to speak at conferences and events (I hope!). On my blog, I will have a speaking page with all the information on how I can be hired as a speaker. My speaking gigs will most likely be for an hour or two at max but that all depends on peoples needs. People will hire me to speak on Entrepreneurship, motivation, success and business leadership. The people who call to hire me will be leaders in their own industries who already consume my blog posts and podcasts on a regular basis or have heard of me through word of mouth.

Live Events: After the launch of my book(s) and when I am established, I would also like to hold live events where I can teach a 1-day seminar or perhaps a weekend seminar in a hotel conference room. The theme will be the same as all of my other products and services. I expect to be doing this probably by the end of the year or as late as the 1st quarter of 2014.

So there you have it. My complete monetization strategy. However, I have a long road ahead of me. I am imagining that the first two years will be about establishing myself in my field and connecting with as many people as possible. During this time, I hope to also create videos on YouTube and other channels and spread my voice that way as well. This business is very lucrative and is a multi-million dollar strategy if all of the above works out as planned (It will!)

Please comment below and let me know what you think about my monetization strategy. Do you have any comments or suggestions? I wrote this for you and i hope you got to know me a little better today as a result.

-William Shaker