Successful people in all walks of life manage their physical, emotional and mental states knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. However, extremely successful people optimize themselves because they realize that “what got them here, won’t get them there.” In managing your P.E.M. states, I will give you a few tips on how you can learn to turbo charge your entire well being. This, I believe is probably the most important ingredient of success in any walk of life.


Managing Your Physical State

Lets face it – if you don’t have the physical energy to perform, then everything is a waste. To be a high achiever, you need to condition your body for optimal performance and there is no other way than to have a proper daily exercise routine as well as eating nutrient rich foods and beverages.

In the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” – Joe Cross, dubbed “The Juice Guy” after his movie premiered a few years ago did the impossible. He was suffering many illnesses and had a debilitating auto-immunte disease. However, after juicing for more than 3-months, he was more energetic than ever and got off of more than a dozen pills he took on a daily basis. Amazing!

Here is a daily routine that I personally follow. I feel great, maybe you will to.

  • Depending on your work schedule, plan to go to the gym early in the morning if you can (benefits will be explained under Mental States). If you can’t do mornings, do an afternoon or evening exercise for about 45 minutes to one hour. Lifting heavy weights and a bit of running is all that is necessary to get the juices pumping.
  • Multi-Vitamins are a must! My personal favorite is the “Nature’s Way Alive” Whole Foods Energizer. Taken 3x per day.
  • On top of the multi-vitamins I take, I also take an extra dose of 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C. Even though I take my multi-vitamins, it is still safe to take an extra 1000MG per day to keep away colds and infections. My personal favorite is the “Natures’s Way Alive” 1000MG Vitamin C capsules.
  • For proper heart, triglycerides, blood pressure and brain function, I also take a dose of “Everyones Omega Fish & Flax” capsule“.
  • Besides that, I juice once or twice per day and I stay far away from processed foods as much as I can. I also limit my intake of proteins such as red meat. Throughout the week, I may have 1-2 portions of fish or chicken at most but thats about it while the majority of my intake comes from a plant based diet as well as whole wheats, legumes and other fiber rich foods.

To date, I am happy to say that in the last 365 days, I’ve only caught the common cold about once and fought it off within a few short days and my energy levels are always in top shape.

PS: If you’re worried about taking too many supplements or want to learn more about how vitamins help cure disease, watch a movie called “The Beautiful Truth” available for free on YouTube.

In part 2, I will write about managing your emotional state because after physical, this is the next most important thing in hacking our bodies for optimum results. Click here to go to Part 2.