I think that positive people, no matter the situation will always find a way to become successful. Then there are people who blame the economy for their misfortunes. While I am going to admit that certain industries are affected by the economy, the vast majority of us who own small private businesses just need to realize that what got them here, won’t get them there. While talks of the recession are completely debatable and to some extent controversial, one thing is a fact – this is still the land of opportunity and nothing can stop you from achieving success in any part of your life so long as you adapt to your environment by staying on top of new trends and sometimes, even moving on to something bigger and better if necessary.

Lets face it – we live in a global community which interacts with one other via social media and the web every second of the day. As an example, since I started my podcast, I’ve been gathering a list of some very high profile Entrepreneurs and best selling authors to interview — just how would this be possible without the Internet? The Internet makes things very accessible for me and you because with a few clicks of the mouse, we can communicate, share information, build a cause, exchange resources and cooperate to such an extent never before possible.

When it comes to money – it never disappears, it only exchanges hands. Regardless of it being wealth, your business or the job you hold will always exchange hands. When you buy stock and it goes up, someone else is at a loss. The same is true about recessions.

Today, there are millions of people affected by this economy all around the world but guess what? This is simply a shift in power and wealth. As in the case above – power and money does not disappear, it simply exchanges hands. In similar fashion, while the job market may be slow, the byproduct of this recession is that there are new industries and markets to work or start a business in. The key is to be flexible and adaptable.

The Agreement

You must come to terms and in agreement with yourself and your environment that the world will no longer operate in the same way as it once did. While I am not an economist (far from it, actually), I came to terms and realized that what we’re in is the “new normal.”

However, if you can adapt by improvising an “opportunity mentality,” you’re that much closer to success. If you’re affected with this economy, you must wake up each morning and say to yourself “I refuse to take part in this recession!” and read out loud this affirmation as many times as you can until it becomes real in your mind “I am adaptable, and there are endless possibilities regardless of what is going on in the world.”

The Five Anti-Recession Principles:

  • Turn off the television and refuse to pay attention to news regarding the economy.
  • Everyone that was ever called lucky “created” his or her own luck!
  • Money does not disappear; it simply exchanges hands (same with power).
  • When your stocks or other investment vehicles increase in value, someone else is losing money. The same is true for entire industries and/or markets.
  • Speaking of industries — if you loose your job today and the industry (or company) shuts down, another company or industry will soon take its place.

Regardless if you own a business or have a job – the main point of this article is to convey to you the message that just like the tides of the ocean, opportunities come and go. No matter where you live in this world, opportunities are everywhere as long as you remove your tunnel vision and see things through a wider lens. Success is one part imagination and another part action. Everything is created twice, first in the mind, then in the actual manifested form and that includes your job or your business.

Please comment below and tell me what industries since the beginning of this recession you have witnessed crumble only to find new ones being invented? OR – which industries lost or is losing their power while other industries are getting stronger?