In part one, I discussed with you that everything you were taught in school and by the media was an invented myth and a scam. It was falsely designed to prep you to become a compliant worker bee in the local factory that no longer exists. In part two of “what got you here, won’t get you there”, I will write about a new world and how you may not be prepared for it.

Let’s be honest with ourselves — it is more risky to have a job than to strive for independence and freedom from the every-day-norm. However, everything in the beginning is going to require courage in order to separate ourselves from complacency & mediocrity.

I’m not completely against school and don’t get me wrong – I love science and history – they are my favorite subjects but what scientific fact or any part of history can’t you find on your mobile device these days? Wikipedia is the worlds largest library and the great thing is, it is available to us free of charge 24/7 – and yet, in public schools all across the U.S., we are we cramming our brain with facts that can be found with a few mouse and keyboard clicks on the internet.

To be completely fair – there are very legitimate higher education colleges out there designed for the elite such as Princeton and Harvard Business School to mention a few. Graduates from these schools may end up to be savvy entrepreneurs, college professors and other professionals worthy of a title but the majority of public schools teach our young students to become compliant workers who will end up becoming less than average individuals. The sad part is, these individuals will be forced into mediocre jobs and will suffer the borden of endless college tuition fees that will be leveraged on credit for decades with no end in sight. How is this an investment in yourself when your school tuition is more money than the money you will make out of college? — thats IF you can find a job out of college.

The future is here and there is no road map. Since 2008, there has been a huge decline in jobs and despite the recent stock market highs, we’re still in a recession. You will hear in mainstream media that we’re out of this recession but if that is the case, why is the Federal Reserve still printing 85 billion dollars per month just to liquidate the markets? The United States is not alone but every major country from places like Europe, China and now Japan are printing money just to keep our economies from going under. This is a global recession and its not getting any better, nor are we alone anymore. There is no where to hide except to evolve and adapt to our new environment.

In case you have not noticed – we can no longer rely on the government to provide us safety.

  • These days, mostly everything we eat is contaminated with chemicals. The United States is the only country that does not have GMO labels – why?
  • Besides that, freedom is no longer a priority because of terrorism.
  • Today, we have over-the-top bureaucracy, big government spending, a medicated society and 46 million Americans who live in poverty (1 in 6).

Can you believe that? This is America!

However, the good news is that we all have a choice. We can eat healthy, we can live an abundant lifestyle, we can CHOOSE to be completely independent but will we make that decision or will we become victims of circumstance only because we were not ready to adapt to our environment?

Thanks for reading part two of this three-part series. On part three, I will go further into how we all have a choice and how we can break free from comfort and isolation.