All right, so now we’re on the last of this three-part series on how to hack your physical, emotional and mental states. In part three, I will discuss how we can hack our mental state for optimal efficiency in order to have success in life. As I mentioned, all states are important but all three are necessary for optimal success. Thus, success is one part “psychology” and another part on “taking action.”


Depending on the density of your city or state, ever wonder why homeless people are homeless? While I won’t rule out those very few rare individuals who choose to become homeless as there are some that have zero ambition in life. However, the majority become homeless and remains that way forever because of a mental deficiency. These homeless people are frail and mentally weak individuals often having mental disorders and deficiencies. In the worse case scenario, they are drug and alcohol dependent. For these people, success may be impossible and survival is probably the most important thing on their mind.

However, for the average individual with a healthy state of mind, success is not only a mindset but also a series of habits one can learn to apply on a daily basis. Put it simply, the “psychology of success” is something anyone can learn and apply. To become a successful person, one must mentally train him or herself to think this way all day, every day until they believe it becomes natural and a part of their personality. The brain is a muscle – at first, it will have a hard time adjusting but as the neuro pathways begin to form and go deeper and deeper, the habits will stick. This is what you need. This is what you want.

How to Hack Your Mental State For Maximum Success

  • Create affirmations and read them three or more times per day.
  • Print a blank check with the amount of money you want to earn by a certain date and keep it in your wallet and view it daily. If you use a debit card every day for purchases, place it in front of the debit card. This keeps it as a reminder in your subconscious mind so you can think about it often.
  • Create a vision wall.
  • Read books on success
  • Listen to Podcasts about success such as the “Endless Possibilities” Podcast by your very own (shameless plug)
  • Surround yourself with people who have high energy and a zest for life. These people are already successful.
  • Limit your TV time to 1-2 hours per week at most. TV can be draining and full of sarcastic violence, hatred and negativity. This affects us mentally over time.
  • Spend time alone to think – no TV, radio, books, magazines, etc. Just yourself, a pen and a paper and no interruptions. Give yourself an hour in the beginning, then increase it to two hours and sit still. What will happen is that you will have new thoughts entering your mind, which will end up surprising you. You can enter this meditation with things to think about OR to sit their quietly and let thoughts enter your mind on its own. Both ways are effective. Do this once or twice a week but every day for about 30 minutes if possible once you get used to it.
  • Do something that you’re afraid of doing – when you accomplish it, it will be a big mental boost and a confidence builder.
  • Exercise in the morning.

Speaking of exercise, in part one, I wrote that exercising in the morning is important. Why? Well – it is good for our mental state because the brain releases endorphins such as dopamine and serotonin. The dopamine is a pleasure chemical and serotonin is linked to happiness, restful sleep and a healthy appetite. Ever wonder why you sleep better at night and are hungry after a strenuous work out? Well, there you go! Besides that, working out in the morning jump starts your metabolism, gives you energy and best of all, CLEARS your MIND!

This is the end of the three-part serious on hacking your P.E.M. states – I hope you got something out of it this and I hope you apply everything you learned over time. A lot of this stuff will come over time and it will be impossible to apply right away but as always, slow and steady wins the race.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by commenting below – I love comments!