As a human being to have clarity is to have power. With clarity, we can narrow our choices down very easily with all of its pros and cons. However, there are those who lack clarity and for them, double-mindedness plaques them with doubt, indecisiveness and feeling stuck and alone. In “How To Gain Clarity and Make Up Your Mind”, I will turn up the heat on how to overcome this debilitating mind funk and navigate life more easily as an Entrepreneur.


Before I begin, I want to mention that at some point, everyone including myself suffer from a lack of clarity or vision. When I lost my job in 2001, I was in shock for a few months and did not know what to do with myself when I began collecting unemployment. However, a few months later, I managed to go from a “survive” mentality to a “thrive” mentality. The years that followed were wonderful and full of life. Fast forward to 2010 when Google threw the towel on my web sites, I once again had a lack of clarity — “What will I do? How will I support myself?, What will my family and girlfriend think/feel?” – these are a “sample” of the questions, insecurities and doubts that come to mind. However, as humans, we need this shock or period of discomfort to evaluate our options. This period of discomfort is the first step towards clarity and is absolutely necessary. All great things in life come just after overcoming obstacles and challenges.

However, not all lack of clarity need be as severe as losing a job or being undecided on choosing a new career path. However, all lack of clarity comes from one of these traits:

  • Too many options and/or choices.
  • Not enough knowledge.
  • Other peoples opinions.
  • Lack of goals and a vision.
  • Not knowing why you want it so bad.

Narrow your choices

If you don’t have any choices to begin with – it is not that you’re stuck but you’re not trying hard enough to find options. However, once you have enough options to choose from, narrow them down based on pros and cons. Choose what is best for you and go through the process of elimination. Find what you like and that makes you happy and alive.

to make a decision is to remove all other alternative choices.” – William Shaker

Gain wisdom first

Find out everything about your choices. As you learn the pros and cons, make an effort to research it. The internet is vast and boundless almost like the universe. It has no beginning and no end (until someone proves it). Therefore, as humans, we have more information than ever before. It takes a lot of time to research but little by little, all answers can be found on the Internet. Besides the internet, find support groups, forums, live seminars and meet with people face-to-face.

A mind that feeds on itself soon is undernourished, becoming weak and incapable of creative progressive thought. Stimulation from others is excellent mind food.” -Unknown

Others’ Opinion

As an Entrepreneur, I will respectfully listen to anyone else’s opinion and will even be engaged in a friendly discussion regarding an opinion that someone else has made regarding my life or business but thats where it stops. You must ask yourself — “is this person ten times more successful than I am?” If so, then his or her opinion is valuable. Make it a rule to only listen to people who’re a lot more successful than you’re.

People who lack the clarity, courage, or determination to follow their own dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. When you change for the better, the people around you will be inspired to change also….but only after doing their best to make you stop. Live your truth and don’t EVER stop.” -Steve Maraboli

Lack of goals and a vision

Its been said that if you don’t have a plan in life, then someone else will have one lined up for you. With the rate of unemployment and poverty in the United States, it is said that these people will have a very hard time recovering. If only more people created goals for themselves and imagined more possibilities for themselves. Einstein said it best “imagination is more important than knowledge.” Anything the human mind can think of and make itself to believe, it can achieve. To make it a reality, we must have a goal because without one, the wind will carry us any direction it wants to. If you don’t have a plan, someone else will eventually have one for you and its usually one we won’t like.

How badly do you want it?

Ever since I was a kid, anything I wanted badly, I always got and its the same as an adult. However, as an adult, I have had to work for it myself. How badly do you want it? If you can live without it, you will always be indecisive. However, something magical happens when it is something you need as badly as breathing. All obstacles move out of your way and new people enter your life at just about the right time to help you achieve success. This does not magically happen out of no where like in a movie but through persistence and planning. Therefore, the why is a very important ingredient.

I hope this article has helped you by bringing clarity towards having more clarity in your own life or business. Please comment below and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for reading!