First of all, I love my Franklin Covey Planner! For a long time, I lived in the digital age, and I tried a little bit of everything. However, I often felt like a “digital gypsy” going from one software program to another, not really having a solid foundation or place where I was comfortable; constantly on the move restless always looking for a fresh start to something better. To some degree, we can all relate. Something bigger and better is always on the horizon.

Franklin Covey Leadership Daily Planner

Over the years, I’ve transitioned from an avid PC user to a loyal Macintosh follower and I must say life has gotten simpler and less complicated. The Mac is a simple operating system (over the years, its gotten pretty complex) but moreover, it’s very delightful to use and work with. It’s also hassle-free considering that I never got the “blue screen of death” like back in the PC days. Does this still happen to the latest versions of Windows? I wonder because it’s been too long since I’ve owned any Windows based products.

Since being a Mac user, I’ve tried three different types of digital planners that worked for a while but all had their downfalls.

After trying all three programs, I eventually came to a few conclusions and decided to seek out paper products. Going to Office Depot, you will find a myriad of daily planners that are aimed at every type of profession and some of them can be a real bargain under $10.00.

However, I was looking for something robust, aimed at Entrepreneurs, businessman and professionals. I wanted a planner that had interesting success quotes at the very top of every page, a generous notes section and a to-do list side-by-side. I also wanted to find something that had a monthly and yearly area where I can track my progress all in one binder. After doing a little bit of research, I landed on the Franklin Covey web site where I purchased my set:


My planner goes with me everywhere:

  • Vacations
  • Trips to the coffee shop for some pondering.
  • To the park, sitting under a tree reviewing my life plan.
  • To my quarterly retreats where I review my yearly goals.

Top Benefits to Using a Paper Based Planner:

  1. There is no syncing involved.
  2. advocates writing –VS- typing because writing stimulates a bunch of cells at the base of the brain called the reticular activating system.
  3. People who operate at a much higher level (Example: Richard Branson) write a lot and carry paper-based products.
  4. It is lightweight and you can carry it everywhere you go.
  5. There is a sense of personal obligation in checking off things from your to-do list. This translates to personal accountability.
  6. There is a sense of accomplishment in physically checking off things on your to-do list.
  7. You don’t need to carry a computer with you to view your planner.
  8. Depending on the flexibility of your planner, your entire year can be archived and progress can be tracked from years back.

Disadvantages to Using a Digital Based Planners:

  1. Your computer must always be left on.
  2. Computers are often cluttered and too much visual noise like desktop icons can thwart concentration.
  3. Some  programs often make you pay extra subscription fees for cloud based syncing or their iPhone or Ipad companion. Then there are apps like “Things” which offer free cloud syncing between their desktop app and their iPhone app but their iPhone app costs an extra $9.99.
  4. In the event of a hard drive failure or operating system crash, you risk losing it all.
  5. In less than 5 seconds, I can pack my planner in my bag and off I go, not so with digital planners.
  6. The cost of digital planners is exorbitant compared to paper based products.
  7. Syncing can make it a chore with your on-the-go gadgets or cell phone.

Now that you have read my advantages of using a paper based planner -VS- software planners, what is your ideal choice and why? Please respond in the comment box below.