This week, instead of yet another content rich episode of Endless Possibilities, I thought you and I had a one-on-one chit-chat about what is keeping you stuck where you’re and what challenges you might be facing?

You see – over the last 6-months, I have put a lot of effort and energy into creating these podcasts for you and by now, I expect that any serious Entrepreneur listening and applying my wisdom and knowledge would be on their way to becoming pretty successful if not making tons of money online or elsewhere.

Here is all that I’ve taught you — be specific with me and let me know what is holding you back? I want to help you and I want you to succeed.

You may have your own business or you’re just starting out. Regardless, why are you not doing better in your business or why have you not started being your own boss?

Podcast #2 : how to become successful at anything yo attempt:
. psychology of success
. how to define success for yourself
. Lessons from some really powerful influential people
. traits of successful people
. Questions to ask yourself

Podcast #4: How to create smart goals
. types of smart goals — short, medium and long term types of goals
. developing urgency
. specific
. measurable
. attainable
. realistic
. time bound
. resources and an article write-up so you can create your own

Podcast #5: build a drop-ship business, find a niche and the wholesalers
. showed you how the drop ship business model works
. showed you where to find wholesalers
. negotiate with wholesalers to drop ship
. negotiate with vendors for payment terms
. taught you how to use singlefeed to get your products to many web sites.

Podcast #6. How to outsource on elance and odesk
. Gave you compelling reasons to outsource
. showed you how to post jobs one step at a time.
. Taught you how to cooperate with contractors

Podcast #11 Find your life purpose, become motivated and build mental toughness
. taught you about finding your unique personality type
. taught you how to find your passions by identifying what you naturally love to do best.
. taught you that doing things you don’t like leads to mediocrity and failure.

Podcast #16: how to avoid failure & succeed as an online entrepreneur
. finding the best types of businesses to get involved in.
. taught you types of businesses that are likely to fail.
. Gave you a 10-step process for avoiding failure as an online entrepreneur

podcast #17: 10 ridiculously obvious signs you should be an online entrepreneur
. gave you 10 compelling reasons and a great video of a kid entrepreneur who did what he loved and made tons of money and got lots of fame — by mistake!

Podcast #18: how to make millions and market yourself as an expert
. If eCommerce isn’t for you — I’ve demonstrated how you can leverage from your knowledge and enter the online expert business
. I showed you how to demonstrate your expertise
. how to monetize it

Podcast #23: 8 ways to bust procrastination and become more productive
. showed you how to eliminate distractions
. how to optimize your study environment
. how to have better time management
. how to break projects down into chunks
. How to visualize and treat your goals like pets

Podcast #26: how to reinvent yourself in one year
. Showed you why you live in such an amazing time in history to become filthy rich
. how to create your own brand and find your own niche
. Find mentors, the easy way
. Meet the connectors — the people who will help you make millions
. and most of all, how to do it in 1 year or less.

What Is Holding You Back & What Are Your Excuses?

I want you to answer the following questions for me so that I can address your problems and provide you with clarity. I can easily create 27 more podcasts over the next 6-months and you will be where you’re today — just another Entrepreneur Wannabe.

Instead, I want you to make take the big leap forward and become an actual Entrepreneur. Here are some questions you can ask me directly by writing below in the comments section. If you want to be private about it, you can send me an email through my contact form and I will be happy to respond to you right away.

The choice is yours, however, please make sure to either write your question below or shoot me an email through my contact form.

  1. You don’t have any money to begin?
  2. You have a hard time picking your niche?
  3. You can’t decide on information/Internet marketing or eCommerce?
  4. Do you feel you’re too old/too young?
  5. Do you need someone to guide you every step of the way?
  6. Do you lack direction in life?
  7. Do you believe your family/spouse is holding you back?
  8. Have you tried everything and failed and are now sitting on the sidelines because you’re sad/depressed/angry?
  9. You don’t believe in yourself/your potential/your abilities?

Please ask your questions below and I will answer them for you personally. Or like I said, send me an email through my contact form.

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